Sponsors of 2017 contest

Thank you to our sponsors and partners:

Global Conservation is supporting Tiger Protection in Primorye in the Russian Far East, the only area in the world where both the Amur tiger – more commonly known as the Siberian tiger – and Amur leopard still exist in the wild.

Global Conservation will match $1:1 any donation up to $50,000 for Amur Tiger Protection through October 31, 2017.

We plan to take donors to Primorye in the Spring of 2018 to visit Tiger Sanctuaries and meet key conservation leaders.

To donate to Amur Tiger Protection, Get Involved at globalconservation.org or contact Jeff Morgan, Executive Director at +1.650.814.2045 or jmorgan@globalconservation.org.



Russian Connections is a leading travel agency specializing in travel to Russia and Former Soviet Republics, connecting the people of the United States of America and Russia for more than 10 years.


Founded in 2007, San Francisco Deluxe Sightseeing Tours has grown to be one of the five major sightseeing companies operating in San Francisco today. The company’s outstanding success is based on the concept of providing the highest level of customer service to each visitor during their stay in the city.

We are looking forward to the opportunity for you to travel with us and you will see why we say Tours For A Lifetime of Memories.


Archimedes Banya is a remarkable blend of 'past and present', where ancient traditions of Greek laconica, Turkish hammam, German thermen, Russian banya combine with science and technology to create an experience like no other. Detoxing in perfectly heated rooms, plunging into an ice-cold pool, enjoying a breathtaking view on a sun-lit deck, conversing over a delicious meal - you can have it all in a quintessentially San Francisco style.

And there is more. Their venik platza, a rich pallete of massages, scrubs, wraps, herbal and mineral baths will help you leave behind the worries of your day and explore new sources of energy.



San Francisco-based designer and jeweller Robin Woolard is well known for his sophisticated designs in platinum and high karat golds. Robin’s customers experience a rare luxury of having their dream jewels entirely executed by one master, from elaborating the design, handpicking and setting each stone, to alloying precious metals, without wax models or casting involved. Each piece is designed and created in his Nob Hill Studio in San Francisco. In his boutique, Robin offers an entirely handcrafted one-of- a-kind collection and specializes in collaborating with clients to custom design the most personal and unique jewellery.

At SFOut, we invite listeners to hear a different voice with content that provides unique perspectives on our interdependent world. SFOut radio network reaches millions of listeners worldwide, offering great breadth and depth of high-quality streaming music from Eastern Europe. SFOut network boasts a roster of artists ranging from worldwide famous pop-performers to individual DJ's known for their up-bit musical styles.

Partnering with public Eastern European media's most talented producers and performers, SFOut's mission is to serve audiences as a distinctive content source for information and insights in Europe and United States.

In short SFOut.com is programmed by real people with a deep passion for music. We are a free media guide and webcaster that will help you experience many alternatives when it comes to entertainment and information.

SFOut programs feature pop-music from Eastern Europe, videos , news , meet-ups ,show-business happenings in the area; and we are also providing you with the opportunity to be the first one to reserve the tickets for the events and concerts held in your city.