Galina Platonova

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Age: 28

Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia

Since early childhood Galina has been a very active and cheerful child. In order to keep her energy channelled in the right direction, her mother put her into dance school at the age of 5, and Galina subsequently devoted 15 years of her life to dancing. The first beauty contest and the first victories were when Galina was barely 14 years old, her radiant smile left no one indifferent.

After graduating from the university, Galina decided to connect her life with tourism, starting a travel agency with her future husband in St. Petersburg. Letting people have the trips of their dreams, one travel agency grew into the network of a few and is still successfully operating, despite of the fact that Galina has spent the past 5 years in America.

Now Galina is the beautiful wife and mother of a 3-year-old princess Victoria. But apart from being a mother, she really wants to develop her skills in the beauty industry and master the profession of Make Up and Hair Artist in the next six months. She is also very fond of taking pictures and being a photo-model. She teaches dancing, loves sports, travels a lot and dreams to go around the world.

By taking part in the contest she wants to show all the girls, especially mothers, that it does not matter how old you are, whether you have children or not, this should not stop you from being a woman with a capital letter: be well-groomed, bright, beautiful, do sports, be fit and be an excellent example to follow.