Dina Sitdikova

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Age: 26

Hometown: Russia

Dina is 26 years old and from Russia. She was raised in musical family, so music is something she's carrying though all of her life. "Music is my religion, I can't leave home without my headphones and it's the first thing I refer to when I feel blue or happy"

Dina has two pedagogical education: teacher of music and rhythmics and teacher of English and French. Dina's professional hobby is modeling. She worked as a model in Russia. When she just arrived to California Dina started working on modeling and designer portfolio-she was making cloth pieces, worked on concept if the shoot and the performed in front of the camera. "The moment of creating a piece, doesn't matter what-music composition, art piece, outfit or street performance is  breath taking. It gave feeling of life. Dina is a very passionate teacher. She is a music tutor for adults and kids. She has goals of creating a music school and at the moment Dina is working on a music program for kids, building a website and studies online marketing. "I got inspired by a street performer on Hollywood. I have seen a miracle of creative energy and sensed it will the whole body. I find the meaning of life in it. It's love a beauty"

Apart from that Dina is having a social life. Hanging out with lovely friends, getting to know mysterious parts of live, music improvisation, experimenting with mind and perception, educating, helping people,  getting to know different cultures - these are little parts of Dina's life.