Anastasia Zarko

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Age: 26

Hometown: Minsk, Belarus

Full of energy and ambition, Anastasia moved from Belarus to United States 8 years ago with the intention to do only the great things!!! Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Anastasia was eager to study business and without any doubt went straight to UC Berkeley Haas Business School to get her degree in Business Administration. Her interest in eCommerce and payments led her to become a Business Associate at the global payment company Visa, where she works and loves it!

Anastasia is a go-getter and a natural leader who brings people together and leads them to achieve a common goal. She always pushes the envelope and looks for new challenges. Adored by her friends and family, Anastasia is a focal point for many activities - she plays guitar and piano, she dances salsa, she leads professional women's network organization and she takes real estate classes. And in less than 4 weeks she just ran a marathon!!!