What are we looking for in the winner of Miss Russian San Francisco pageant?

  1. The contestant who is kind  and intelligent. She is a woman of her word and follows through with her commitments. She manages her priorities and time well in preparing to the show and does not miss any deadlines.
  2. The contestants who possess a positive outlook on life. Her humor, wisdom, and consistent encouragement attract others to her. She should not be rude and dishonest to the producer of the show, choreographer and other contestants.
  3. She is well mannered, and values and respects others.

You are the only one who has your personality, so let it shine through and be proud of all that you are and all that you have worked for during the show!

A contestant needs to be able to be herself on that stage, in the interview room, at rehearsals and everywhere in between. A contestant who is energetic, compassionate and entertaining will win over the judges’ and audience’s hearts.

Being confident in your walk across the stage. Being confident in your introduction and in your answers to an interview question. Remember to turn on that positive attitude, show your personality by being yourself and have confidence in all that you do. If you remember and follow these aspects during pageant, you’ll be one step closer to the crown!